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Wood Laminate Floors Are Wonderful

Laminate floors make a lot of sense in mobile homes. They look great, they are easy to clean, they last longer than carpet, they are easier to install, and they don't require any more floor preparation.

Use the links on the side to step through the entire wood laminate installation process. You may have to click on them twice, but all the pictures will open a large version where you can see lots of detail.

Here is a mobile home which has just had wood laminate flooing installed in the living room. It looks good, it’s easy to clean, it’s durable, it doesn’t hold allergens and has other advantages.

Here is a bathroom with wood laminate flooring installed. It looks good here to.

I would be a little concerned about water damage and, if it were my house, would put down assorted rugs and floor coverings to make it warmer on my bare feet.